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We offer a large selection of nutrients for all phases of plant growth, in a variety of brands.  We carry nutrients from House and Garden, Aurora, Mad Farmer, Hygrozyme, Extreme Gardening, Fox Farm, Roots Organics, General Organics, Dutch Master, Humboldt Nutrients, Botanicare, Organicare, Dynagrow and more.  Many of our products are ORGANIC!!


We keep in stock Sun System and Global Greenhouse T5 lights for vegetation in most sizes. We carry High Pressure Sodium and Medal Halide lamps by Hortilux, Sunmaster and Global Greenhouse Lighting in 250, 400, 600 and 1,000 watts.  We also carry all the ballasts, hoods and timers you need to make your system complete.


We are always stocked with Fox Farms's Ocean Forest, Roots Organic, Roots 707, Roots Organic and coco media as well as, Grow Stones, Perlite, Hydroton. Hydrocorn and more.


We carry all the tools you need to propagate your plants.  We're stocked with everything from grow environments, growing mediums like stone wool and rooter plugs, to propagation trays and more.

Pest Control

Our large selection of pesticide and fungicides ensures we will always have the correct remedy for all your pest or fungus problems. We carry ready-to-use bottles as well as concentrates.


We carry everything from 1"-5" inch net pots for hydroponic systems to 30 gallon fabric smart pots.  Premium pots from 1-20 gallons, and square pots in a selection of sizes.


We have complete hydroponic systems to build the ultimate garden.  We also carry many extra parts, pumps, tubing, air discs and stones.


We keep in stock filters, silencers, fans and ducting to keep your system running the way you like it. We carry brands like Rhino, Phresh, Votrex, Max Fan, Can-Fan and more.


We carry PH, PPM, EC and Combo measurement tools by Hanna and Bluelab.

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